Legendary Action

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Legendary Action

Legendary ActionLegendary Action is a book of military history, of intelligence operations and direct interdiction against the enemies of the United States.

Legendary Action is a collection of combat action stories pitting Air Force Combat Controllers against some of the most vicious and highly motivated adversaries on the planet.  These are factual accounts extracted from official government records.

The book presents detailed accounts of the legendary actions of American airmen, silent warriors who have been acclaimed for extraordinary heroism in foreign wars fought to guarantee the continued survival of our western civilization.

These are Combat Controllers. Men from the Special Tactics Units of The United States Air Force Special Operations Command, engaged in legendary action against determined enemies and incredible odds.

This hardcover book written by Gene Adcock and published by Phoenix Global Support, LLC, can be purchased for your own library, or as a gift and delivered direct to the door of your favorite military history or special operations aficionado.

Product Details

Title:  Legendary Action
(Hardcover Book)

Publisher: Phoenix Global Support, LLC
Published:  September 2015
Dimensions:  8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.44(d)
Pages:  114
ISBN 10: 0692526994
ISBN 13: 9780692526996

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