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The Combat Control SchoolThe CCS Gallery
The CCS Gallery presents photos from the dedication of the school to the cornerstone memorials that serve to anchor todays Combat Control cadets to the history, heritage and legacy created by the Combat Control Warriors that preceded today's candidates.


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indexes all photo and video galleries. Individual gallery selections are also listed under the Galleries page menu title.
The photos and videos you see here are from many sources including the CCSHF Founders, the Combat Control School, the Benini Heritage Center, the United States Air Force and the USAF Special Operations Command, the Combat Control Association (CCA) and Sgt. Mac's CCT Team Room, and other many other reliable sources.

Presented in these galleries is the history and heritage of Combat Control Teams, and of todays Combat Controllers at the tip of the spear.  Included are photos and videos on the selection and training process, of Combat Controllers in training exercises, and in direct and humanitarian relief actions around the globe. 

Get to know the history, heritage, CCT legacy and be introduced to today's battlefield airmen.  New galleries are being developed from the photographic record.  Enjoy these and look for our Facebook and Twitter posts announcing the addition of new galleries.

If you have photos or stories you want to submit to the CCSHF,
contact us here.  We will promptly respond to your inquiry.

The Combat Control School Gallery

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