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100% of all donations to the Combat Control School Heritage Foundation, are used to fund operational support for the Benini Heritage Museum, recurring events and special projects sponsored by the CCSHF.

No compensation is paid to the Founders, Administrative Assistants, Project Leaders or  Event Managers.  All Museum work is performed by Volunteers for the CCSHF.  Website development, hosting and maintenance fees are paid from operational funds.

Foundation Current and Recurring
Special Projects and Events

CCSHF - Foundation Projects & Events

  • Museum Acquisitions and Display Updates
  • CCT Memorial Updates and Maintenance
  • Military & Community Events (Museum Grounds)
  • Special or Sponsored Projects (As Announced)

Donations by Postal Mail

To submit a manual check, please send your donation to the CCSHF Mailing Address. When donating by check, please remember to note how you want us to allocate your contribution.

Make Donations Payable to:

C/O  Dr. Jim Lyons, PhD
2847 Bridgewood Drive, Fayetteville, N.C. 28306

The CCSHF Mission and Purpose
Benini Heritage Center and Museum

CSSHF MemorialThe Combat Control School Heritage Foundation, is a North Carolina incorporated 501c3 tax exempt organization.

The CCSHF, works in concert with the Combat Control School staff to acquire, refurbish, exhibit and maintain CCT artifacts accessioned by the CMSgt Alcide S. Benini Heritage Center.

The comprehensive Benini Heritage Center (the Museum) displays lineage, artifacts, and equipment used since the inception of Combat Control Teams.

The Benini Heritage Center (BHC) mission is to educate Combat Control students, to bolster Combat Control Team morale, and to support United States Air Force recruiting and retention goals for Combat Control Team operators.

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Sponsored Special Events and Projects

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Yesterday's Combat Controllers laid the historical foundation for today's Special Tactics Warriors.  Each new generation of Combat Controllers
perpetuates the legacy, torn from the front pages of history written by tomorrow's Special Tactics Warriors.

Visit the CCSHF
Heritage Center for
Sponsored Events

Visit the CCSHF
Heritage Center for
Sponsored Events

Visit the CCSHF
Heritage Center for
Sponsored Events

Visit the CCSHF
Heritage Center for
Sponsored Events