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The Medal of Honor
Awarded to MSgt. John A. Chapman

The Battle of Takur Ghar - Afghanistan

Operation Anaconda took place in early March 2002. CIA paramilitary officers, working with their allies, attempted to destroy al-Qaeda and Taliban forces.

The operation took place in the Shahi-Kot Valley and Arma Mountains southeast of Zormat. This operation was the first large-scale battle in the post-2001 War in Afghanistan since the Battle of Tora Bora in December 2001....




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Meet the CCSHF

Preserving the Heritage and History, Documenting the Past and Present for Combat Control Warriors

The Combat Control School Heritage foundation is a North Carolina incorporated 501c3 tax exempt organization, and works in concert with the Combat Control School Staff to acquire, refurbish, exhibit and maintain CCT artifacts accessioned by The CMSgt Alcide S. Benini Heritage Center.

The comprehensive Heritage Center displays lineage, artifacts, and equipment used since the inception of Combat Control Teams. The mission of The Benini Heritage Center (BHC) is to educate Combat Control students, to bolster Combat Control Team morale, and to support United States Air Force recruiting and retention goals for Combat Control Team operators.

From Army Pathfinders to the Air Force Special Operations Command, Combat Controllers have created a legacy that has paved the way for today's Special Tactics Warriors, just as each generation of Combat Controllers paves the way for tomorrow's Special Tactics Warriors.

 < Dedicated to the Preservation of our Warrior Heritage >

Combat ControllerMission One

Facing a gauntlet of qualification challenges, training to become a Combat Controller is intensely intellectual, technically and physically challenging.

The Combat Control School provides the Department of Defense, the Air Force Special Operations Command, and the 24th Special Operations Wing with mission ready Combat Controllers.

Advanced skills training produces the highest quality, air-minded, ground combat warriors in the United States Air Force.  We educate, train, qualify and prepare today's Combat Controllers for the diversity of tomorrow's world-wide missions.

The Tip of the Spear

Leading the way for in-theater combat and humanitarian relief operations, any where and any time, living up to Combat Control creed, "First There".

Combat Controllers are among the most technically qualified and highly trained special operations forces anywhere in the world.

Combat Control Teams deploy to perform reconnaissance, and establish air assault and airfield operations while providing command and control, primary air traffic control operations, and ground and air assault operations in support of counter-terrorism, foreign internal defense, and humanitarian relief operations.

The Battle Field Game Changer

USAF Special Tactics Officer Capt Barry Crawford“…if you asked what tool of the trade would be the very last thing they would leave behind, you might be surprised at the answer. You would likely hear that it is not a tool that makes one nervous when it isn’t there,  but rather a capability that is not organic to a troop of Delta operators or Navy SEALs...

Arguably 'Combat Controllers' are the best-rounded and most uniquely trained operators on the planet. The initial training “pipeline” for an Air Force Special Tactics Squadron Combat Controller costs twice as much time and sweat as does the journey to become a Navy SEAL or Delta operator.
Before their training is complete someone brainwashes these guys into thinking they can climb like Spiderman, swim like Tarzan, and fly like Superman — and then they have to prove they can, if they plan to graduate. And, that is just to get to a place where they can do the job for which they are really trained, calling in those deadly air strikes.

The life of a combat controller is split between working with Delta and SEALs, with a little moonlighting with the 75th Ranger Regiment now and again.  They carry the motto that would be hard to look another operator in the face and say — if it weren’t true   — ‘First There.’

“Bomb Like There Is No Tomorrow” Kill Bin Laden
Dalton Fury, Delta Force Ground Commander

Never Give Up

Running the gauntlet and crossing the finish line requires physical readiness, mental maturity, emotional stability and a never-quit, never-give-up attitude.

Get prepared, get selected, never quit...

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Alcide Benini, CMSgt, USAF (Ret)
The First Combat Controller
Read the Memorial for the Man who conceived and founded the 1st Combat Control Team

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AETC, at their request has acquired the CCSHF book CCT-The Eye of the Storm, Medal of Honor. It is anticipated that AETC will use the CCSHF book as a baseline for CCT historical purposes. The Foundation's book, CCT-The Eye of the Storm is thought to be the most indepth history of COMBAT CONTROL TEAMS ever written.
The CCT - The Eye of the Storm-series chronicles the exploits of Air Force Special Warfare, Combat Control Teams (CCT). It is told in the form of short stories; many etched by a cocktail of blood, sweat and tears. Our Combat Control story began in the de facto Volume I with the appearance of the first CCTs; i.e., command and control teams cobbled together by the WWII U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF) for Operation Varsity. Varsity, the airborne assault across the Rhine; was a major component of Operation Plunder, the multifaceted invasion of Nazi Germany. The CCT story continued in Volume II, detailing the 21st Century fight in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). Included are two humanitarian missions; operations of epic proportion in Haiti and Japan.

In this third volume subtitled - Medal of Honor (MOH) - the CCT story is expanded, incorporating the two previously self-published volumes and adding hundreds of new stories from around the globe. But, with a concentration on operations in southwest Asia; including Afghanistan; now America’s longest war. The two earlier volumes targeted a limited audience of American special operations forces. This volume is an all-inclusive compilation presented as a single, premium publication. It is expected to engage a wider-ranging audience of American and allied military elements, families, historians and enthusiasts.

More importantly, Medal of Honor celebrates the first-ever award of the Air Force Medal of Honor to a Combat Control patriot and hero. On April 20, 2018 after more than fifteen years technical review and Air Staff deliberation the Medal of Honor for TSgt John Chapman was approved by President Donald Trump. The MOH award ceremonies and associated events are covered in detail near the end of this book.

In preparing CCT - The Eye of the Storm - Medal of Honor, the goal was to collect stories from hundreds of sources, written by an even larger band of vetted professionals selected to observe, record and report truths about military units in action. In my mind the U.S. Government Public Affairs (PA) Offices were the perfect choice. For that reason, you will find hundreds of PA-generated stories used herein. The diversity of feature stories, subjects and styles present a well-rounded, unbiased look at the CCT’s view at “the eye of the storm.” Each published PA reporter and volunteer contributor has a by-line in the book. Thanks to all for their remarkable journalistic work. Through our collective efforts we have published a fair and accurate chronical of USAF Combat Control Team’s stories; exploiting the public domain and declassified accounts.
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